Walk in the Woods

From my window, the trees beckon. It has been raining the last few days and I sense the deep breaths of re-nourishment and cleansing they must be drawing in.  The dust of the past is off their shoulders;  their branches are more buoyant; they look ready to spring into growth. 
We are in between rain storms at the moment, and a walk in the woods is just what I need. The trees have been sharing their message and now it is my turn.

Come on, pups … let’s romp for a bit!

Walk in the Woods

Sunday’s signals

It was 2:30 am when I woke up feeling as if something had happened or was about to happen. My eyes popped open. I listened in the darkness, wondering if something outside had triggered this feeling. Nothing, no sounds except my husband’s deep regular breathing. I lay there for a while thinking about everything on my to-do list. The list is long. I could feel my blood pressure rise just contemplating the actions needed. I shifted my focus to the bigger world and wondered what I was meant to pay attention to. Was someone in need? Was my family OK? Was I on the verge of a great “aha?” With my mind whirling, I knew it would be awhile before I would sleep, so I quietly slipped from bed, donned a pair of sweat pants and sweatshirt, grabbed a book from my bookstand, and tiptoed upstairs to my office.  I have a spare bed in my office and I figured I would read the latest CJ Box novel and then allow myself to drift back into slumber. But when I turned on the little lamp with stained-glass dragonflies, my eye caught another book that I had bought but not yet read: “Invisible Acts of Power” by Carolyn Myss.

I have learned over the years that books can have a magnetic force that draws one in and when that happens to me, I know I am meant to pay attention. I plumped the pillows behind my head and opened the book.  Among other things, the book talks about seven types of power that are generated from various nonrandom acts of kindness and how we have the power to change people’s lives or at least make an impression that lasts a lifetime by what we do or say. The seven types of power are related to the seven chakras and are part of our spiritual journeys as human beings. I read for several hours before finally falling back to sleep.

After I awoke, I climbed back downstairs and snuggled up to my husband who was still asleep. I thought about how Saturday I had been angry with him for some stupid thing and how this morning I realized that our love was bigger and stronger than our silly argument. I hugged him tighter.

We learned that a good friend of ours had been sideswiped on Saturday by a speeding vehicle and was hit so hard that his truck flipped twice. He was tossed about so violently that it broke his back in several places and is in ICU in a coma. God bless you, Kenny. Fight back, come back. Know you are loved and appreciated and valued.

I’m still not quite sure what the message of these Sunday’s signals is for me. Perhaps to remember to stay in tune with my inner spirit, to remember that God’s grace is always with me, and to remember that this physical life can change in any moment. I am open to receiving whatever message or lesson that is meant for me.

Hmmm. That’s a great way to start this new week. Bring it on.

First snow

First snow

Yesterday the weather changed from dusty dryness to driving rain. The pounding on the roof woke us numerous times throughout the night but then it changed and this morning the rain changed to snow and the anxious rapping of the rain gave way to the silence of the snow. The first of the season. I hadn’t realized how much I missed it. There is something about the silence that renews me.

Coming Home

I was just a week away from home, on a great trip with my dear friend Patty, for the annual Rotary International Convention held in New Orleans this year. There were convention speeches and workshops, project booths and vendors, and of course Southern hospitality, music, and food. Every day was a whirlwind of activity, a head-full of information, and a heart-full of meeting kindred souls from around the world. We sang in an international choir, we feasted with new friends and old, we applauded Bill Gates in his speech confirming his partnership with Rotary in eradicating the last 1% of  polio viruses on earth. On our last evening in New Orleans, we capped off a memorable trip with a cruise down the Mississippi in a steamboat. While the Dukes of Dixieland jazzed up the air with their sweet music, Mother Nature provided her own unforgettable show with thunder and lightning clapping and flashing around us. It was a fitting farewell to this experience.

After landing in Sacramento, I gathered my bags, schlepped them to my car in the parking garage, and climbed into my familiar and now quite dusty Tucson. I opened the sun roof and let the cool night air drift in. The cool freshness was a welcome shift from New Orleans steamy days and nights. Traffic was light and I made the 75 mile trip home in less than 2 hours. My dogs were the first to greet me at the door, whining and leaning into my legs, licking my neck and arms as I leaned down to hug them. Then my dear husband took me in his arms and I let out a large sigh.  I was home.

Travel is fascinating, interesting, adventuresome. Coming home is sweet, comfortable, joyous.

To those far from those you love, I wish you safe journeys and sweet homecomings.

Welcome World!

Welcome to Make Your Heart Soar!

We may use different words from time to time to express this concept of “make your heart soar,” but I haven’t met ANYONE who doesn’t know what that expression means to them personally. I believe it is part of our human makeup to long to make a difference, to live fully, to utilize our gifts, to feel inspired.

Even as a young girl, I loved words and how they could spark excitement in me. Whether it was a poem or a quotation or a story, I loved feeling the connection to the words I read. That’s my hope for this newsletter and blog  -to offer words that inspire you, tickle you, entrance you, or entice you. I welcome your input at any time. I wish to share thoughts of my own or links to beautiful, meaningful thoughts from others.

“Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow but a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day. Such is the salutation to the dawn.”

                                                – Sanskrit Proverb

How do YOU choose to live today?

Make it beautiful. Make your heart soar.